Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We have many traditions in our family. Mostly it is about the way we spend our time and the pictures we take. (Of Course) We ALWAYS take a picture of my dad and the grandchildren. We have done this since the grandchildren were very little. We even made a "special" book to put these photos in each year. And - that was long before I knew about scrapbooking!

Anyway - the tradition now continues with my husband "Mush" and our grandchildren. My brother does the same with his grandchildren. It is a pretty cool way to capture the moment.

"Mush" and our grandchildren.

My Dad and our son Joey with his family - Emily, Scout and Stetson
My Dad and our daughter Amy with her family - Jeremy, Grant and MollyMy Dad with all of his Great Grand Children. It was the best they could do to get 7 children to "pose" for the photo. The photo includes my brother's grand children: Parker, Ty and Dash. Their new grandbaby will arrive in February.

We have many other traditions: new pj's for everyone, the kids and grandchildren spending the night on Chirstmas Eve Eve, going to Papaw's on Christmas Eve, scattering to the in-laws for Christmas Day, babies getting a new wagon from Papaw on their 1st Christmas, playing "Chinese Gift exchange" with the adults, praying together, eating together, loving together and just spending time with one another.

I LOVE Christmas and the wonder of it all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weatherford Christmas Parade

On Saturday the city of Weatherford hosts a Crhistmas Parade. Our church participates with motorcycles, horses and walkers passing out flyers about the events at the church. Me? I sat in the back of the Nav with Grant and Molly and watched.
We parked in the donut parking lot. Grant and Molly have pre-parade donuts and chocolate milk. Yum!

The "boys" from our church. David and Christian.

Steve and the "boys" dad. The dad has a broken hand and could not ride, so he was Steve's ridding companion. How sweet!!

The Christmas parade is not complete without Santa and Mrs. Claus. He just would not look our way for a photo.

A final shot of the kids with their mom. It was a gorgeous day (a little windy) but as you can see we did not even have on jackets. I know this wonderful weather will NOT last much longer!

Digging a hole

Ever since the driveway to Nanny's has been put in the boys have wanted a basketball goal put in. There is so much concrete that there is plenty of room to do so. Recently it was mentioned in the presence of my dad. He is such a scavanger! His neighbor is a "junk man" and Dad noticed there was a pole and goal. He acquired it from the man, made some minor repairs and made plans with the boys to set it. On a beautiful December day the hole was dug, the pole was set and now it is drying!

Molly wants to help dig a hole for the basketball goal that was being put next to the driveway.
Anything Molly can do Grant can do better! (or so he thinks)

Nanny watches as the work is being done.

Jeremy starts and finishes the 32" deep hole. (Did I mention it was half way to the center of the earth?) Cannot have the pole coming up or bouncing or bending from not being in the ground far enough!
It is now ready for the goal to be set and a game to be played. That will probably happen when all the kids and grandkids stay the night next week.
I see hours of competition and fun with this hole, pole and goal!

Great Wolf Lodge

The group of us at Great Wolf Lodge on Thanksgiving night. Isn't it great how we all color coordinate? I think it makes us look TOO cute. The only sad thing about the day and evening was that Joey, Emily, Scout and Stetson were not there. NEXT YEAR!!!

My honey and me!

Grant and Molly actually "touching" and not complaining about it. Somedays they do complain "He/she is 'touching' me!!" Sibling love is grand!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time choices and needs

Christmas Tree is up but - presents need to be wrapped, carpets need to be cleaned, shopping needs to be finished, baking needs to be done . . . What I really NEED is time - time to be on my knees, time to read His Word and time to listen to Christmas music.

I choose knees, read and listen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Garage Sale a Success! Hunting was not -

The garage sale was quite successful. do not know why I dread it so. Hundreds of things gone to other homes, hundreds of things gone to Goodwill, hundreds of dollars in my and Amy's pockets. Woo Hoo!! Weather could have been a little warmer, but it did not keep us from selling "stuff". Thanks for listening to me whine about it all.

Off to the deer lease on Sunday. Went to the deer stand to help watch for deer Sun. and Mon. night. Nothing! My dad saw a doe on Monday night, but she did not get close enough to shoot. Oh well, they live to be shot another day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Garage Sale

Getting ready for a garage sale is such a bother. Lots of sorting, decisions and letting go of "things". I think of my Molly - each thing is my "favorite" and I do not want to part with it. (Whatever the "it" is at the moment.)

It will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it. I am trying to convience myself. It is a good thing that I have a partner in crime. Amy and her family are joining the sale here at my house. That helps!

It is bound to be a CRAZY time and if nothing else a garage full of my "favorite" things will be GONE!!!!!! And, just maybe I will have a few dollars in my pocket for a little Christmas shopping! Now shopping - that IS my favorite thing!